Experience astonishing Zakopane highland resort.

zakopane tours Zakopane is a glorious highland district titled the Polish winter capital city. Placed in the Malopolska voivodeship can be found close to the border with Slovakia. You can hit it in around 2-3 hours from the city of Krakow by car. Continue reading


Evidence the casual experience of the sufferers in collections of Auschwitz museum.

auschwitz concentration campsAs you get to the huge former extermination camp in Auschwitz concentration camp you would be shown plenty of traces of the difficult struggle that took place in this camp. They all tell the sad story of living and also distress inside the extermination camp. Continue reading

Reserve of Crystal caves of Wieliczka Salt Mine – the sheer brilliance.

salt mine in wieliczkaThe Crystal Caves Nature Reserve is placed inside the ravishing Wieliczka Salt Mine which is one of the vastest as well as most traditional mines among Europe. Visitors are welcome to watch it after reaching 70-114 meters depth underground. The exquisite collection is specially valuable for the distinguishing items of crystals of halite. Continue reading