Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp, the most famous memorial land.

visit auschwitzIt belongs to one of the biggest German concentration and destruction prisons, existing between 1940 and 1945, nowadays viewed as a icon of the Holocaust. The concentration camp was working from 1940 till 1945 soon after Poland was joined by the Nazi Germans and then immediately was the central aim of heavy death of mainly Jews. some other fatalities were from Republic of Poland, Soviet Republic and also a few some other countries.

Germans used to name Polish Oświęcim – Auschwitz and the surrounding little town Brzezinka as Birkenau. Most likely around 3 million victims are thought to have been killed there, mostly by having been gassed.

Other ways of such ruthless ends involved hunger, infections as well as physiological strain. Book Auschwitz Birkenau tour to recall those who lost their lives there.

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