The marvellous Monastery in Czestochowa.

jasna gora sanctuaryThis holy place is really often reckoned as the spiritual hub for Polish. Each single year it is accessed by the plenty of followers who come to beg the Saint Mary for Her graces. What’s particularly important about it is the mysterious force which it is associated with.

The commonly venerated icon is known as Black Madonna of Częstochowa. The monastery has mindful story as well as the origins because it was first established in 1382 by the monks who arrived from Hungary. Not long after this incidence they imported from Russia the picture of Virgin Mary accompanied by the little Jesus Christ. From that time on it became extensively recognised among the monks and the robbers.

Till present it is remarkably praised that the Saint Mary helped to force the Swedish enemy back at the time of its invasion on Jasna Gora Monastery during the XXVII century. Such legendary, symbolic heritage makes the Jasna Góra Monastery widely respected and honoured by Catholic believers.