Visit place at which Karol Wojtyla lived.

wadowiceWadowice is a little township settled in the south of Poland, approximately 50 kilometers far away from Krakow. Wadowice is mostly known for standing for the birthplace of the Pope John Paul II.

Born in 1920, he lived in Wadowice until 1938 so many places in Wadowice are connected with his activity at the time of his juvenility. The main one is his family’s former flat situated on Koscielna 7 Street where the Pope grew up.

Guests are presented some preserved primary objects and belongings of Wojtyla’s family suchlike articles of home furniture, photos, collections, even a pair of skiing accessories. The flat is positioned near the renowned church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the centre also associated with Karol Wojtyla’s juvenility.

Visitors can besides travel to the college the pope attended in Wadowice town. Because Wadowice has the origins in XIII millennium you can discover there outstanding, old architecture.

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