Tourism path in Wieliczka mine.

salt mine in wieliczkaEvery year Wieliczka is called on by even more than dozens of tourists. The salt mine with a depth of 327 meters and coming up to over 300 km long is without doubt a wonderful highlight for tourists. While having the tour tourists have chance to cover a distance of over 3,5 km trail filled with mythic figures and historical sculptures.

The main point of a visit is brilliant oratory cut by miners. In the centre point of the room there is a wonderful rock-made chandelier with details made from the whitest, crystal-like salt. During the guided Wieliczka Salt Mine tour people have also chance to get to the chamber where the walls were sculptured by miners to resemble wood, admire the exhibitions dedicated to the history of that place and admire an subterranean reservoir.

It is worth to mention that contemporary visitors to Wieliczka Salt Mine can walk the track that was traversed previously by many prominent personalities like for example Bolesław Prus (who, incidentally, was inspired there to create the Labyrinth scenes from his popular historical novel ‘Pharaoh’), J.G. Goethe, Nicolaus Copernicus, Karol Wojtyła, Bill Clinton and Ignacy Paderewski.