Take a deep breath and move underground in Wieliczka Salt Mine.

wieliczka salt mine near krakowThe famous visitor lane in Wieliczka Salt Mine is the well-organized pathway for guests who would like to observe the story of Polish excavation industry. Surely any tourist will become interested after being informed the overall Wieliczka mine length which is about three hundred km.

What you will experience is to go through more or less 3,5 kilometers 65-135 underground admiring striking mining spaces. Also different marks of heavy mining chore expressively represent the hardness of miner’s occupation. Big, impressive salt works and also salt other arts may be another extraordinary image inside the Wieliczka mine.

By the end of the route you will remain in the group of chambers where you may acquire various unforgettable souvenirs. What’s interesting, it is advisable for the allergy sufferers and respiratory tract sufferers to rest and also respire the curative, salty air. Come and visit this fantastic attraction subsurface!