Experience astonishing Zakopane highland resort.

zakopane tours Zakopane is a glorious highland district titled the Polish winter capital city. Placed in the Malopolska voivodeship can be found close to the border with Slovakia. You can hit it in around 2-3 hours from the city of Krakow by car.

Because of its position in the valley between Tatra Mountains and Gubałowka Hill the resort is undoubtedly the Polish main center of skiing as well as mountain climbing. Kasprowy Wierch, Gubałoówka Hill and Nosal are examples the most favourite skiing slopes in the region.

In Zakopane, guests may besides see the essence of the Polish highlander’s culture and tradition when you take a travel on the Krupowki promenade where you could buy colourful local tokens. Let’s trip up to Zakopane and don’t miss the possibility to taste the tasty ‘oscypek’ made of goat’s milk.

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